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Moshgan’s journey to becoming a professional artist first found expression during the aftermath of Iran’s cultural-revolution in 1979 when the government closed public universities. After a year of turmoil and chaos, Moshgan enrolled in Kamalolmolk School of Fine Arts, a private school that remained open.  It was here, and over the next four years that her soul-life and creative expression were nurtured.  She began studying with a gifted teacher, Saeed Broomand who had just recently returned from Europe after twenty years abroad.  Mr. Broomand openly shared his knowledge of western art forms with his students and encouraged them to be free in their artistic expression. This freedom of expression is one of the driving forces behind Moshgan’s powerful work and is the thread that connects her early Expressionist work to her contemporary Plein Air Abstract work of the present. 


After graduation from Kamalolmolk, Moshgan knew she needed to expand her horizons for her career to flourish.  It was springtime, 1986 when she left Iran and travelled to the United States via Istanbul and finally New York City where she lived, studied and exhibited. She enrolled in Hunter College and effortlessly earned two obligatory BA’s in Fine Art and Art History.


She has exhibited nationally and internationally. The International Art Expo was one of her first exhibitions in New York City.  Her work was exhibited on behalf of the United Nations in support of a show entitled, “Women and the Arts: Struggles and Triumphs.” She has always been a supporter of women artists.  The sale of several of her works helped to support The Libby Ross Breast Cancer Foundation (LRBCF); LEAP, a NYC based art education non-profit held a fund-raiser where Moshgan was the featured artist. Moshgan belongs to The National Association of Women Artists and is an active member in the New York City Chapter.      


Having built a thriving career that spans four decades and two continents, her collectors worldwide all delight in partaking of the Divine energy expressed in her colorful and deeply passionate works. Moshgan’s paintings continue to be sought after by admirers and fine art collectors from around the world.


Gallery of Graphic Arts - 2017, April 2014, February 2012, May 2009, August 2006, October 2004
Domain Design, NJ - May 2012
Joseph Fischl Gallery, NYC - March 2007, July 2006
Sterling Gallery, New Orleans - 2007, 2006, 2005
Back Room Gallery, Beacon, NY - May 2008, May 2007
Mariana Gallery, Cold Spring, NY - August 2006
Soho East, Irvington, NY - April 2006
La Cantina Restaurant, Milan, Italy - May 2003
Roof top Gallery Madison Ave. NewYork  - November 2002, June 2001
Viewpoint Gallery, New York - October 2000
Darya Baigi Gallery, Tehran, Iran - May & June 1998
Shiv Gallery, Tehran 1997
Barg Gallery, Tehran 1997

Hudson River Museum, 2024
National Association of Women Artists, November 2019
Gallery of Graphic arts, NYC March 2012, feb. 2011,2010, 2009, 2004, 2002, 2001
Upstream Gallery, NY 2007
New York Design Center, NYC 2006, The Libby Ross foundation Auctioning 2 of Moshgan’s pieces in fight against breast cancer 2006
NGO, in co-operation with United Nation, celebrating women and the arts: Struggles & Triumphs, NYC 2004
Private Exhibit, 2 Women show, NYC 2003
International Art Expo, NYC  February 2002
Kamololmolk school of Fine Arts, Tehran, Iran 1996

Affordable Art Fair, April 2023
Super Fine Art Show, October 2022
Armonk Art show, September 2019
Gracie Square, NYC2019,  2018,2017,20162015, 2016, 2014, 2013,2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006
Westport Juried Art Show, CT 2019,.2018, 2017, 2014, 2013, 2005.
Crafts at Linclon Center, New York City2016, 2015, 2014,2013
Arts & Crafts on Colombus, New York City,2016, 2015, 2014, 2013
Montauk Annual Juried Show, 2014, 2013,2005
Berkshire Arts and Craft Festival, Greater Barrington, MA 2013
West Hampton Fine Art Show,Paragon Production, 2015, 2014, 2013
Mary O'Friche Fine Art festival,2019, 2018, 2017,2016,2015,  2014, 2013,2006,2005,2004
Hoboken Music & Art festival  2019, 2018,2013, 2012, 2011
Mystic, CT. 2019, 2001
Milford, CT. 2004
Washington Sq., NYC 2014, 2001
Union Square Holiday Market 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014


The Connection Magazine (Cover Art),  Feb/Mar 2014
Art Affair Magazine, 2003
Art News Magazine, 2001
Art Trends Magazine, 2001


International: France, England, Belgium, Norway, Puerto Rico, Spain, Canada

National: New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Chicago, Mississippi, Texas, South Carolina, Ohio, California, Colorado, Florida, New Mexico


New York Design Center, NYC 2006, The Libby Ross Foundation auctioning 2 of Moshgan.s oil paintings in fight against breast cancer.

The Clear View School Day Treatment. AMIC. Association For Mentally Ill Children Of West Chester Auctioned one of Moshgan's paintings for fund raising to help the programs offered at the school.04


The foundation of my artistic journey as a painter has been nurtured over thousands hours of exploration and study.  In the practice of my art, I am free to be a channel through which flows my expression of the love, beauty and joy I find the natural world. Throughout the course of my life, I have always felt guided by three principles: devotion, scholarship, and mastery. No obstacle had shaken my devotion to my art, and nature is its taproot.


A Plein Air Painter by both training and desire, I knew early on that the natural world held wondrous mysteries waiting to be explored. Form, strong colors and bold brush strokes became golden keys in my vision quest to express nature's hidden secrets. Somewhere along the journey, the boundaries of form began to feel limiting. Color became a more dominant force in my work, and I became free to express my artistic vision of nature's aliveness, motion, and energy in more abstracted and expansive ways with luminous colors.


Oil and Pastel have been my most reliable mediums. Their rich impasto allows me to create the intensity I want. Bold strokes on canvas or paper, whether by brush or oil stick, capture the liveliness and motion of nature itself. My fascination with the world of nature lead me another one: the world of color.  My evolution from Expressionism to Abstract Expressionism has introduced me to a new medium to my work; acrylic.  I felt inspired in new ways by the luminosity and transparency of this medium, which has created new possibilities and depth to my work. Acrylic has become the medium of choice for my Plein air work.  Just as I have found satisfaction in the flowing dance of reality and abstraction, so too have I found that combing oil and acrylic in the same piece, along with charcoal, gouache, and even nature's bounty on a windy day- bits of sand, cherry blossoms or leaves when applied on top of the paint, creates an energy and movement that I had otherwise not known.